JA Bulgaria welcomes the new Presidency of the EU

January 16, 2018

On the day after the official opening of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU, more than 50 foreign journalists visited Sofia Tech Park and were introduced to the Bulgarian innovation and startup ecosystem. JA Bulgaria hosted the meeting in their creative working space for young entrepreneurs JA Startup Hambara. The event featured a discussion on the historic past, perspectives and goals of Bulgaria as a member of the EU during which the high-level members of the Advisory Council of the Bulgarian Presidency shared their views – H.M. Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Prime Minister of Bulgaria 2001-2005), Rosen Plevneliev (President of Bulgaria 2007-2012) and Solomon Passy (Foreign Minister of Bulgaria 2001-2005) confirmed Bulgaria’s commitment to the European Union. The meeting continued with presentations of organizations and startups from the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sofia Tech Park.

JA Bulgaria’s CEO Milena Stoycheva addressed the participants with the words:


Welcome to the home of JA Bulgaria, welcome to our creative space JA Startup Hambar. We take this opportunity to congratulate and wish good luck to Bulgaria for the Presidency of the EU and a prosperous and brighter year ahead.

JA Bulgaria has been teaching entrepreneurship, financial literacy and care for society for the past 20 years. More than that – our investment has impacted the entrepreneurial culture of 330,000 young Bulgarians and 12,000 teachers in over 1000 schools and universities. All this happened with the support and our joint efforts together with the governmental institutions and the business sector. On December 1, we celebrated together with the Bulgarian political leadership JA’s 20th anniversary and confirmed that we will continue our collaboration with the aim to create the necessary conditions for JA’s alumni and all young Bulgarians to blossom and succeed in their lives in Bulgaria, in Europe.

That is why we have initiated and launched the Bulgarian EE-HUB (Entrepreneurship Education HUB) based on a public-private partnership of representatives of the Bulgarian government, municipalities, business and startup community and as a member of the European EE-HUB. JA Bulgaria trusts that this new cooperation will prove to be as successful as the one to date.

All JA alumni carry the spirit of true innovators and entrepreneurs with the highest level of integrity and ethical standards, care for society and will to serve the planet needs. JA believes that the future of the planet lies in the hands of the entrepreneurs because if you are “charged” with all these skills you can serve society in the most constructive way – by creating your own business, working for a company, or in a state organization.

It is in JA’s DNA to deliver the sense of optimism that is closely related to being entrepreneurial. In the core of our educational content we teach self-efficacy which means taking responsibility for your destiny, being goal-driven and having a growth mindset.

Today, disruptive change is happening on a massive scale in every possible aspect of life – disappearance of whole professions, unemployment, migration, climate change, etc. These are the challenges that current and future generations have to solve in a very uncertain, unpredictable, and risky environment. Entrepreneurship is a relevant response to these challenges. The exploration, the search for solutions to problems, the risks one has to take, and the strong belief in oneself are essential characteristics of an entrepreneur. Therefore, we have to educate young people to think and act like entrepreneurs – not only in the narrow, but also in the very broad sense of the word.

Entrepreneurial people are happy people because they hold their lives in their hands. JA Bulgaria believes that the more entrepreneurial people a nation has, the happier it will be. This is why our new motto is “From entrepreneurial people to a happy nation”. We have no doubt that with this vision, working together with all institutions and the business community, we will transform Bulgaria into a successful and happy nation.